Austin Water has an exciting new program to upgrade all water meters across the city of Austin called “My ATX Water.”

Randi Jenkins, the assistant director of customer experience at Austin Water, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to tell us more.

“The ‘My ATX Water’ program is part of Austin Water’s 100-year water plan called ‘Water Forward.’ It’s a meter infrastructure upgrade plan that will update over 250,000 meters at homes and businesses across Austin to new digital meters,” Jenkins said.

Sounds like a big undertaking! How many have they installed so far?

“It’s a big project! Our contracted installers, Aclara, have upgraded over 65,000 meters so far. The project will be completed by 2025.”

Do people need to request their new meter to be installed?

“No requests are needed — the installers are moving all across the city to install the meters. Before your meter gets upgraded, you’ll receive a letter and an email through the portal to let you know the installers will be in your area soon! After the installation, they will leave a door hanger in English and Spanish to let you know it was installed.”

How will the My ATX Water project benefit customers?

“As lake levels continue to fall and drought progresses, it’s important that we all do our part to conserve water. The ‘My ATX Water’ portal will help people track their water use closely, allowing them to conserve water and also save money on their bills.”

That’s great. What else can the portal do?

“The ‘My ATX Water’ portal allows customers to set water use thresholds and receive alerts if they exceed those numbers, so they can cut back. It also automatically sends out continuous usage alerts to customers, which could point to a leak – we’ve had several customers tell us that we saved them a ton by helping them catch leaks early. The portal can also give customers specific conservation tips based on their household water usage.”

This sounds like a great program! How can everyone sign up?

You can head to and sign up there!”

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