Have you ever wondered about the process and inspiration behind some of your favorite pieces of art or accessories? Laura Stuart of Laura Elizabeth Jewelry joined Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert to talk about what happens in the lead-up to wearing some of her favorite pieces from her collection.

Your pieces are so unique, and because I know you, I know your jewelry is inspired by nature. Can you tell us more?

“I find myself inspired by what is made in nature such as leaves, tree bark, seeds, petals, starfish, spices, and succulents. The fun and challenging part is making jewelry directly from these items.”

Let’s talk about the process, this is all so fascinating to me! I’m wearing your Silva cuff. Is there a leaf or tree bark on my wrist?

“You are wearing a ‘cast’ of a mold of the actual leaf/bark. So, what we do is take the leaf, paint it to make it thicker, and then make a mold of it. From there we cast it in 100% recycled brass and then gold plate it.”

Like a lot of folks, I have sensitive skin, but your pieces have never caused an allergic reaction in me. Can you explain why?

“Most allergies are to nickel and lead. There is no nickel or lead in my jewelry. I’m sensitive too. With that said, I do have a tip for sensitive ears when it comes to earrings.”

“My earring holes are sensitive no matter the metal. I like painting clear nail polish (and letting it dry) or wiping Vaseline or Aquaphor on the earring post to act as a barrier between the metal and my ear.”

I love your tips! I’m a big fan of following you on Instagram because you share a lot of great info there! Speaking of Instagram, I recently saw some of your new pieces on there and I want to talk about my latest obsession — the earrings you have on! Can you tell us the story behind them?

“I’m so glad you asked! Yes, these are the new Dara earrings. They are made from star anise.”

“In the winter, my boyfriend makes us chai lattes from scratch. I mean black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, etc. He uses star anise too! He garnished my tea with beautiful star anise that I pulled out of the latte and washed off. I cast that into the necklace I’m wearing and named her chai. Then, we went to the Desi store and got a few bags of star anise. From there, I made these Dara earrings and the Sol pendant.”

What else have you made from nature, lately?

“I made the Margaux earring studs. These are made from succulents I found at my friend’s house in south Austin.”

I know you often crowdsource on your Instagram when you find pieces in nature that you might turn into jewelry. Tell us about where people can follow you to get involved and also where they can find your jewelry.

Stuart creates many fun reels and posts on her Instagram with tips like these, so make sure to follow her @lauraelizabethjewelry. You can also learn more and browse her collection at LauraElizabethJewelry.com.

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