If you’re like us, at the end of the workday you’re on the couch, scrolling on social media, and trying to relax and unwind. But the way you sit and spend time on your phone, laptop or work desk might be doing more harm than you realize. Joining us this morning is Alessa Caridi, Founder of JōbuFIT, to talk to us about alignment and posture.

Alessa’s expert tips have been seen on small screens, in private zoom sessions, at large stages at the United Nations. JōbuFIT is a workplace functional fitness program with simple solutions to today’s common catchphrases like sitting is the new smoking, zoom fatigue, tech neck, and sleeping butt syndrome. JōbuFIT’s inception came from founder Alessa Caridi’s time living and teaching in Japan – one of the healthiest nations in the world – where workplace wellness programs are practiced daily.

For more information on JōbuFIT, and links to purchase Alessa’s book, go to JōbuFIT.com.