With markets on the rebound, maybe you are thinking you might be ready to invest? Some forms of investment like stock trading go through great fluctuations, and the stability of share certificates has become appealing to many investors.

Pamela Cotton, vice president of member services, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to tell us more.

What is a share certificate?

“Share certificates offer a fixed dividend rate with a set time commitment, after which the initial deposit and any dividends earned are returned in full. Share certificates are similar to other long-term savings accounts, like CDs. However, the main difference between CDs and share certificates is that share certificates are offered by credit unions like Austin Telco Federal Credit Union, while CDs are offered by banks. A credit union differs from a bank by being not-for-profit but entirely owned by the members. This means there are no shareholders and any profit earned goes back to our members through better products, services, and rates.”

Why is it a good time now to invest in them?

“The fact that they do not go through the same volatility that other forms of investments do gives investors more confidence that they will see consistent returns on their acquisitions. If you’re planning on diversifying your investment portfolio, selecting a high-yield share certificate can be beneficial by offering you a steady financial foundation that you can count on regardless of the financial marketplace. Currently, Austin Telco provides one of the most competitive dividend rates for share certificates with flexible terms for any occasion.”

Why go to a credit union for a shared certificate?

“Credit Unions, unlike banks, are member-owned and non-profit in nature. As a result, credit unions utilize their profits to offer high-quality, competitively rate options for their members, as well as better dividend earnings on the share certificates they offer. And with 23 locations within the Austin Metro Area, Austin Telco is happy to help anyone open an account and take advantage of these competitive rates.”

If you’re ready to invest in yourself with Austin Telco Federal Credit Union, you can go to ATFCU.org to learn more.

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