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Think you’re not addicted to sugar? Think again! And we don’t mean that you just can’t resist a nice slice of chocolate cake when it’s put in front of you. We mean truly, physiologically addicted.

Arthur Agatston, M.D., internationally recognized pioneer in cardiac disease prevention, author of the internationally best-selling book The South Beach Diet and founder of the Agatston score (calcium score) – the best predictor of a heart attack – is back this year to talk to you all about YOUR SUGAR ADDICTION and how his newest strategy, The Keto Friendly South Beach Diet, can help you kick your bad habit. The New Keto-Friendly South Beach Diet is unique in that it follows the proven principles of the low-carb/good-carb, good-fat, healthy-protein approach of the original South Beach Diet, layers in science-backed elements of the keto diet’s higher fat, and modifies it to increase protein.

A newly-released CDC study published in JAMA Pediatrics revealed a shocking statistic that 1 in 5 US adolescents are now prediabetic putting them at risk of heart disease and diabetes. Dr. Agatston firmly believes that these numbers have risen due to one reason: sugar addiction resulting in insulin resistance. He is confident these issues start at a very young age and can be prevented with proper diet.

And guess what? It started with the acceptance of his own sugar addiction! With the knowledge that his constant need for seconds and thirds of desserts was not lack of self-discipline, but addiction, he has been able to end his prior yo-yo diet pattern and keep his weight down and stable for 16 months and counting. What’s more, it became clear that his addiction had started in his teens and early twenties, when he was super slim with absolutely normal blood sugars.

Sugar addiction, he realized, is very real and a big contributor to obesity, diabetes, and probably the majority of the chronic conditions associated with the Standard American Diet, what we refer to as SAD.

In addition to the above, Dr. Agatston can also discuss the following, which he elaborates on in his new book:

  • Insulin resistance is the core nutritional problem in America and the world today, and it starts many years before it is usually diagnosed.
  • For many of us, addiction to sugar appears to be a major factor in the development of insulin resistance.
  • Sugar, particularly its fructose component, is akin to a slow-acting poison in the quantities we are consuming today.
  • The dangerous consequences of our excess sugar and refined carbohydrate diets begin years before our blood sugars become abnormal, a stage Dr. Agatston has come to call “pre-prediabetes.”
  • During this period of pre-prediabetes, you are likely already developing a fatty liver and arteriosclerosis in your arteries, but you don’t know it because the symptoms have not yet appeared.
  • Studies link addiction to video games, smartphones and now “vaping” that all share the same pathway in the brain as addiction to sugar.
  • Sugar (particularly fructose) at the levels teens are consuming it is causing teens to have the same liver damage you’d find in adult alcoholics.
  • Why we should eat keto-friendly

He can also share a few of his easy and favorite recipes from “The New Keto-Friendly South Beach Diet.” Learn more about the South Beach Diet at

Dr. Agatston is an associate professor of medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and a clinical professor of medicine at Florida International University. He is the medical director of The Agatston Center for Private Medicine in Miami Beach where his cardiology practice is focused on preventing heart attacks in high-risk patients. This is also the focus of his continuing research endeavors.

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