Did you know that most slip and fall accidents happen in the bathroom? The last thing you should worry about when getting a shower is an unexpected injury. There are steps you can take to minimize your risk. Jason Parton from West Shore Home is here to talk about how you can make your bathroom a safer environment.

How dangerous can bathrooms really be?

  • Latest CDC study suggested that over 230,000 people per year are treated in emergency departments for injuries that occurred in the bathroom
  • More than 80% of these injuries are related to slips and falls, with nearly 70% occurring in or around the shower
  • There’s a lot that you can do to make your bathroom a safer environment and decrease the chances of injury

How can slips and falls be prevented?

  • There are a few things you can do to make your bathroom much safer
    • 1. Convert your tub to a shower – this is a really popular option, tubs are difficult to get in and out of, and a low-step shower can eliminate the hazard of slipping
    • 2. Install ADA compliant grab bars in the shower – these can be used to support your weight – just make sure they are fully secure before using
    • 3. Install accessories that make the bath experience easier and more comfortable, such as a nice fold-up shower seat and a hand-held shower head

How will a new shower from West Shore Home make a bathroom safer and more accessible?

  • A critical step in making your shower more accessible is a low step shower pan
    • Get rid of your old bathtub that you have to step over
  • Customize where you want ADA compliant grab bars – these are designed to support up to 500lbs so they are extremely secure, nothing like those DIY suction cup grab bars
  • There is also an option to add a built-in shower seat – these are designed to support hundreds of pounds, so again, it is a secure feature
  • PLUS – our showers are extremely easy to clean – almost no maintenance required, so for anyone with accessibility challenges, this is a huge improvement

Other than your accessibility features, what sets West Shore Home apart from your competitors?

  • We can install a brand new shower, equipped with all of the safety features and accessories, in just one day – so no disruption to your lifestyle
  • We’ve helped thousands of local homeowners already make the upgrade
  • Check us out online and you’ll see hundreds of 5-star reviews from happy customers

Walk us through the customer experience once they call West Shore Home.

  • Call now, and we can be out as early as tomorrow for a consultation – we will give you an exact quote for the project and walk you through our best financing options available
  • We can come back as early as next week for installation for select models
    • The installation process can be done in one day
    • Standard white shower with low step and grab bar

Are there any special sales going on right now at West Shore Home?

For anyone who calls in right now, you’ll get $500 off a new shower or bath.

To remodel your shower and bath, call 737-232-3737 to receive $500 off your project.

For more information on West Shore Home and the products and services they offer, please visit westshorehome.com

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