Hey, everyone, we are proud to be standing in the capitol building of the great state of Texas today. We are making sure folks are vote ready for this November’s election. And so, I’m happy to be standing with John Scott. He is the Texas secretary of state. John, good to see you, Rosie. Thank you for being here. Let’s get voters prepared. What do they need to know to prepare to cast a ballot in the November 2022 election? The date of the election is November 8th. So, if you want to vote in person that day, that’s the day there. Because election day you’ll be able to do that. 

You have to be registered to vote. The last day to do that is October 11th. It’s the day after Columbus Day. There’s early voting that takes place October 24th to November 4th. Get out there and vote in person.

And if you’re voting in person, what sorts of photo id can you bring to the polls? Because you say there are lots of options.

First and foremost, go to our website if your ever confused. VoteTexas.gov. If you show up with your Texas department of public safety issue, driver’s license, your personal id card, your election id certificate, you can vote as long as you’re registered to vote. So, if you want a full list of all the acceptable ids go to VoteTexas.gov.

And john, for those voting by mail, what do they need to know to cast a successful ballot? Most important thing is they have to request a ballot. It won’t be sent to them automatically and once they receive it, they want to enclose the information required. Once againVoteTexas.gov has that
complete list of information that needs to be on that ballot. It has to be received by their local county election official by October 28th in order for them to be able to receive in time their actual ballot by mail. 

But what if maybe they’ve submitted a ballot mail and they’re wondering where it is. We have a great new improvement that started in the primary, it’s a ballot tracker. They can go onto VoteTexas.gov. They can access the ballot tracker at VoteTexas.gov. They can find out what the status of their mail in ballot is.

And, john, I know that you have some words that you’d like to say to the voters who are heading to the polls this November for 2022? 

If you don’t take the time to vote, you don’t have to worry about whether your vote counted or not. It won’t. So, it’s safer.  It’s more secure. It’s more accurate than it’s ever been. Please take the time. Go cast your vote for whoever your favorite candidate is. Sounds good to me. John, thank you so much for taking the time today.

Make sure you are Vote Ready, Vote Texas! Go to VoteTexas.gov or call 1-800-252-VOTE (8683)

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