1. Valentine’s Surprise Box -Don’t spend $50 – $75 when you can make one for under $20.

Items Needed:

-3 Boxes with lids, in different sizes that fit inside each other with room on all sides. Keep the lid of the large one.

-Mini Candy Bars and Dollar Candy Glue Dots

-Valentines Ribbon

-Xacto Knife or Box Cutter


-Cut all the sides of the boxes so the whole box is flat.

-Fill the small box with candy, and glue candy to the inside walls.

-Glue the candy to the outside walls of each box.

-Place the little box inside the medium box and then medium box inside the large box and place the lid on it.

-Tie a bow around the big box.

2. You can also create a no-sew Valentine’s Heart Pillow to decorate your home or give as a gift.

Items Needed:

-Valentine’s Fleece Material




-Cut 2 large hearts the same size out of the fleece material, mine are 24″ x 24″.

-Cut 1″ slits around the whole material heart at least 3 – 4 inches long.

-Tie the two sides of the slits together, leaving a few undone so you can stuff it.

-Fill the heart pillow with polyfill.

-Tie the last few strips.

3. Create a Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath

Items Needed:

-Grapevine wreath

-Valentines wood decor

-Valentines Ribbon

-Silk Flowers

-Valentines Lights


-Decorate the wreath with all of the items.

-Add the lights to the wreath.

-Tie everything down with pipe cleaners or ribbon.

-Add the flowers to fill in the wreath.

4. Weekend Getaways are the perfect gift for any couple, or you could go on a Galantine’s day getaway with your friends. Take a long weekend getaway to Royal Gorge and Colorado Springs, Visit Navasota and stay at a Getaway House, or a B & B like the Bernhardt Winery. Take a Galantine’s day getaway to Fredericksburg and stay at a Heavenly Host Home.