With an emphasis on recycling and repurposing mixed with education and lots of fun, Wee Warhols is taking their own approach to tapping into the artsy side of Austin’s little ones and beyond. We met with Amber Scardino, the owner and art instructor at Wee Warhols, a privately owned art studio centrally located near downtown. Where Amber does a lot of action art with the kids, incorporates science, math, and technology into the art in fun ways, and teaches a very process based curriculum. Wee Warhols art classes will help children develop fine motor skills, expand creativity, introduce many different mediums, and promote self esteem. They take children as young as three years old, but also offer classes for tween Warhols. All of the Wee Warhols summer camps are full and waitlisted, but if you would like to join their email list to learn about future enrollment or workshops, you can go to www.weewarhols.com and sign up. You can also subscribe to Amber’s art blog on the Wee Warhols website to learn more about some of the art projects that she does with her Wee Warhols. Amber hopes to inspire parents to make a creative home. Schedule an art birthday party for your child or a Ladies BYOB Art Night for a group of your friends. Amber demonstrated how she makes rainsticks using recycled materials with Amanda.

Supplies Needed:

  • thick cardboard tube (This project could be scaled down using a paper towel roll and toothpicks.)
  • nails with wide heads
  • hammer
  • dried beans, rice, popcorn kernels
  • balloons for each end
  • tape, paint, or any other art medium you choose to decorate it with

Amber has an art blog where you can learn more about the projects they do at Wee Warhols. You can also find a gallery and schedule of children’s art classes at weewarhols.com.