February is a month for love…but are you struggling to find compassion for yourself? First-time Austin author Rachel Madorsky is a licensed clinical social worker, and she’s written a bestselling book that tackles self-love, called “How To Love Yourself In Less Than a Week & Also for the Rest of Your Life.”

Rachel’s message in writing this book is to help all beings everywhere know they are worthy of more love, that there is real way to cultivate it, and that self-love is one of the most generous things we can offer, to ourselves and the world. She calls the book, “short, sweet and deep. A guide and invitation to experience more love, first for you and then for others.”

Rachel likes to practice “inward” and “outward” approaches to loving oneself. When working on your “inner game,” she suggests taking just 3 minutes a day and reading a single page of a book you like, that you haven’t had time to get to. Or sing yourself a song…it’s okay if the words are made up! She also suggests spending time in nature, even if it has to be gazing out of a window…these small moments of joy can add up.

Her book has already received accolades! It has been ranked (several times) as the “#1 bestseller new release on Amazon in self-help short reads.” You can purchase the book online on Amazon, on her website, or wherever books are sold.

About Rachel Madorsky:

For over two decades Rachel has supported clients in creating their ideal relationships, businesses and lives. Rachel’s mission is to help heal and uplift the world by empowering women to give themselves everything they ever wanted in life, now. Rachel is an author, speaker, psychotherapist, executive coach, and co-owner of Austin’s beloved improv comedy theater, ColdTowne. For more information and to connect with Rachel, visit RachelMadorsky.com.