The heat is on here in Central Texas and humans aren’t the only ones who are in need of some shade and hydration, our pets need to keep their cool too.

Kathryn Mitcham, training and development manager at Nulo, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert to talk about unique and nutritious ways to keep our furry friends comfortable and healthy during our long hot summers.

Mitcham discussed pet-approved ways to keep pups hydrated, healthy, and happy.

One way to keep your pet cool is to make a “pupsicle” — take Nulo Bone Broths and freeze them. Another way is to use Nulo Hydrate — just squirt it into your pet’s water bowl. Nulo Hydrate has two flavors for on-the-go hydration. Lastly, you can add wet food to their diet during warmer months, especially Nulo Meaty Pouches, which have a broth base along with fresh shredded meats and flakes of fish.

Other tips for beating the summer heat:

  • Take more breaks for your pet (and you) while exercising during hot months
  • Be wary of hot pavement on your pet’s paws; if it’s uncomfortable to leave the back of your hand on hot pavement for 5 seconds, it’s likely too hot for your pup’s feet. Invest in some good booties, or walk earlier or later in the day to avoid the peak heat of the day 
  • Plan activities around safe, dog-friendly water; even adding a “puppy pool” to your backyard for your pup to splash around in

Blues On The Green 2022

Blues On The Green is a free concert series taking place at Zilker Park in Austin, TX on June 14-15.

Nulo will have a pop-up tent at the festival.

“Come learn about Nulo products, score some goodies, and hang out with the Nulo team so they can spoil and love on your pup,” Mitcham said. “If attending the event with your dog, pack some frozen treats in your drink cooler for them.”

More about Nulo

At Nulo, we’ve expanded our assortment to include a wide variety of products, continuing to challenge ourselves — and our tribe of pet parents — to nourish the healthiest and happiest pets around. After all, they’re why we do what we do: we bring out the best in them, and they bring out the best in us.

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