How To Get Tested For COVID-19 With Physicians Premier Emergency Room

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Do you know what your options are for COVID-19 testing? Dr. Jeremy Kenter of Physicians Premier Emergency Room spoke with us this morning about what you can expect if you’re looking to get tested.

What are the different types of COVID-19 testing available to the public? And what are the differences between each of these tests?

The currently available tests are a PCR Test, Antigen Test and Antibody Test.

-The PCR Test looks for tiny fragments of the virus which causes COVID-19. It is the most accurate, but requires a long nasal swab and the results takes the longest to come back. This one can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 days to come back depending on if you have the ability to test in your own lab, or if you have to send it out to a different lab.
-The Antigen Test looks for a specific protein on the virus, which is less sensitive, but only needs a short nasal swab and only takes 15 minutes for the result to come back. You can think of this one like the flu swab for COVID-19.
-The Antibody Test looks at your immune system, buy taking a sample of your blood, to determine if you have a current infection or if you have had a prior one. This takes about 45 minutes to have the result.

Which test is right for me?

There are many factors which go into determining which test is right for you, such as:
-Do you have any symptoms of COVID-19?
-Have you had a known exposure to a person who had COVID-19?
-Are you wondering if you had COVID-19 recently, but you were never tested during your illness?
This is a very complicated topic and fortunately when you come to Physicians Premier Emergency Room you are able to have a consultation with a Physician to determine which tests are right for you.

Which of these tests are FDA approved?

There are many that are EUA (emergency use authorized), but currently no tests are FDA approved.

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