In time to help those facing challenges during this pandemic, join life coach, artist, and motivational speaker Robin Emmerich as she shares her personal journey and client stories as they embrace life — personal and professional — and all its mess!

Now more than ever feelings of isolation and anxiety are amplified. Robin has seen and heard firsthand that feel-good stories and motivational quotes are not always helpful to support those during the struggles in life — the struggles now during a global pandemic, struggles from the past, or while facing the future. As a society we want to feel connected, feel heard, feel that we are not alone. Robin has taken her tools and guidance to help empower others to make big changes to live a life full of purpose and joy. Everyone’s life is messy. No one is perfect. But what if the ‘mess’ is actually necessary? A Gift. In her new book, ‘Love the Mess,’ Robin hopes to help others find their voice and embrace their life.

Robin shares some expert tips to truly embracing life, no matter the circumstance:

1. Let go of toxic expectations — trying to control what “should” be vs the hidden value of what ‘is”. Overcoming the hurdles put in our paths by ourselves and/or others is the 1st step in gaining clarity and getting in tune with our most natural decisions. 

2. Dig deeper to expand your creativity. What are you focusing on for you?Do you enjoy reading, running, yoga, meditation, or art? Or are you just going through the motions for others? We must give ourselves permission to rediscover our own “essentials.”  Start by taking just 15 minutes to reconnect to YOU. 

3. Embrace your frustration or anger — then release it. Ignoring an issue is never the solution. You can only achieve freedom from painful emotions through exploration and acceptance.Overwhelmed? You don’t have to be. It all comes down to having the right tools to stay on track and not get weighed down by our deep-seated emotions. Even a simple breath can create a meaningful shift. In my book, I share a simple, 5-step method for finding closure and moving forward. 

4. Your negative thoughts do not define you— recognize and identify your unhealthy subconscious patterns. Next time you are tempted to fall into negativity, focus on cataloguing and questioning the value of these thoughts rather than giving them power. Curiosity will open the door to solutions. 

5. Give yourself the present of presence. Even 5 minutes a day, mindfulness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

6. Rally your team! Talk with a mentor, friend, or hire a coach. No change is sustainable without support. Transparent relationships allow us the room we need to grow — through talking and sharing we are able to process our thoughts, untangle them, and gain the new tools we need to move forward. As you move forward with openness, remember that it is our imperfections that define us and make us stronger — embrace the power of your mess. 

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