How To Assess Your Leadership Style By International Author, Speaker & CEO Of Created 2 Lead, Bella Cruz

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Author Bella Cruz joined Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert to talk about her latest book, “Please Fire Me! I Can’t Stand My Boss.”

Cruz is an Amazon #1 international best-selling author, as well as an award-winning global speaker, leadership coach and CEO of Created 2 Lead.

Why did you write this book?

“I was in an HR office and an employee comes rushing into the room screaming: ‘Please Fire Me! I Can’t Stand My Boss!’ Those words hit me right to my core because I worked for a boss like that, and it was miserable going to work every day.”

What is the “Read my mind leader?”

Problem: “This is the supervisor that doesn’t explain anything to the team. They say things like: ‘If I have to tell you how to do it, why don’t I just do it myself’ or ‘you should know this already!'”

Solution: “Great leaders are the best communicators. They ask the right questions, they respect the team’s feedback, and take action on it! These leaders have higher performance teams, which increases the bottom line! Profits!”

What is the “It’s your fault leader?”

Problem: “This is the supervisor that says things like, ‘it’s their fault,’ and they blame others. They take no accountability for their actions. They are blame leaders.”

Solution: “Employees want to work for a leader who takes accountability first, someone who has integrity and stands and supports them in the storm. This creates loyalty and buy-in from the team. Teams buy into the leader first, not their jobs.”

What is the “I have my favorites leader?”

Problem: “In the thousands of workshops I’ve conducted in my 25 years doing this, this is hands down the number one complaint from employees and leaders. This is the supervisor that has their favorites. They give their favorites the best projects, they hang around with the boss and they get recognized the most.”

Solution: “To avoid having favorites, it starts by hiring people at the right time with the right skills for the job, so everyone can contribute. Teams working together can solve the greatest problems.”

How does someone know what kind of leader they are?

To assess your leadership style, get a copy of my book by going to my website:, and my team can also help if you need motivational speaking, training, or consulting.”

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