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According to, over 100 million people suffer from neuropathy. The condition affects people of all ages but the most vulnerable are older Americans.

Dr. Jarrod Bagley, D.C., founder of Corrective Health, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to talk about peripheral neuropathy and how he can help.

Dr. Bagley, many people suffer from peripheral neuropathy. Can you talk to us about how a person’s lifestyle can affect the condition?

“Yes, lifestyle can have a large impact on a person with peripheral neuropathy. Nutrition is a big part of that.  What a person eats or doesn’t eat is very important for managing the symptoms. For example, if someone has diabetes it is very important to monitor blood sugar levels and keep them at a consistently acceptable range. In addition, other lifestyle changes are key to managing symptoms. They should exercise regularly, refrain from smoking, limit alcohol, pay attention to their feet and hands for any kinds of injuries that don’t heal, eat healthy meals, and make sure they are getting proper nutrition.”

Nutrition plays a big role in so many conditions. Are there things someone with peripheral neuropathy should be eating?

“A well-rounded, nutritious diet is the best line of defense against most diseases. That includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, healthy fats, lean poultry, and fish.”

Do you recommend taking supplements?

“Supplements can play a supporting role in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. We find that many patients have vitamin deficiencies. If someone isn’t getting the proper nutrition from food, then we may look at supplementation to augment the diet. If patients are eating a healthy diet, they should be getting what they need from the food they eat. Sometimes that’s not possible if they have a lack of appetite, are on a calorie-restricted diet, or have some other health condition or reason that keeps them from eating a nutritious and healthy diet.”

How can someone with peripheral neuropathy exercise? Is it is painful for them to walk?

“Many patients do have trouble walking, however, there are many ways to get exercise and stay active without it being painful. There are chair exercises where a person stays seated and moves their body through a series of exercises. Swimming is also an excellent option for staying active. Of course, once a patient comes to see us and starts getting treatment, they should be able to start walking again without pain. Our treatment uses electric cell signals. No pills, no injections, and no surgery.”

I understand you have an offer for our viewers. A $49 Neuropathy Special?

“Yes, that includes a personal consultation, exam, and report of findings.”

$49 Neuropathy Special for the first 25 callers (retail value of $249.00), which includes a personal consultation with a physician, complete exam, report of findings. Call Corrective Health at 512-263-0040.

That is a great offer for folks suffering from neuropathy.

“During the exam, we calculate down to the exact percentage of how much sensory loss you have in your hands and feet. It’s critical to calculate the sensory loss early because once you have reached a certain point nothing can be done.”

Doctor, if someone is suffering from neuropathy, how soon can they be seen?

“We have trained staff ready to address the specific needs and treatments of each patient. Give us a call. There is no reason to live in pain.”

If you or someone you know suffers from chronic pain or neuropathy, call 512-263-0040. The first 25 callers are eligible for the $49 Neuropathy Special. Visit to learn more.

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