Board-certified Personal Injury Attorney Dan Christensen of DC Law spoke with Studio 512 about what to do when you’re injured in a car wreck, and how his offices can help.

What are some of the most common car injuries you see from clients?

“It’s a broad range of injuries that you can see from automobile incidents: anything from minor bruises, cuts and scrapes, all the way to things like traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis and even death.”

What do we do if our injuries are not immediately apparent?

“Oftentimes an insurance company will approach someone who has been in an accident quickly, and try to settle for pennies on the dollar before the person really recognizes or notices the true extent of their injuries. It’s not at all uncommon for someone to be injured in a car wreck and not know how injured they are. Many people will wait, as well, trying to see if they can ‘shake it off’ or feel better in the coming weeks, meaning they are not seeking the care they need. Insurance companies will sometimes use this period to argue that a person wasn’t really hurt that bad, because they didn’t seek immediate treatment.”

How does DC Law assess the extent of someone’s injuries, and therefore the compensation that they deserve?

“We know the best doctors who can assess the true impact of someone’s injuries, how to properly treat said injuries, and how to get an injured person the care that they need. Afterward, we’re able to flesh out every element of the damages from the incident to get that person what they deserve for compensation.”

What happens when someone ends up with a permanent injury? How does that affect their compensation?

“We work with experts in the field – doctors, life-care planners and economists – that are able to assess what a person’s future care needs are for their life expectancy, and what the prices for that care will be. We’re then able to include that amount in the damage model for that person to be compensated.”

What is the most important thing for someone to do once they’ve been hurt in a car wreck?

“The best thing to do is to contact a law firm that specializes in personal injury law. At DC Law, not only is personal injury law all we do, we’re also board-certified in it. You want the firm to be large and robust enough to provide access to financial resources, but not so big that you don’t just become a case number.

“You can call on the phone or chat with us on our website from wherever you are. We are available day and night, holidays and weekends, 24/7. You’re also welcome to come to our offices in North and South Austin. Consultations are absolutely free; in fact, you don’t owe an attorney’s fee unless we get a recovery on your behalf.

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