Sara Fritsch, owner of Moxie Space Professional Organizing, stopped by Studio 512 to talk about her spring cleaning checklist.

If you’re needing to tackle a deep-clean at the house, here are some of Sara’s tips:

  • Schedule it. Sara says, “First, put it in your calendar. Second, use a timer for your actual tasks! Try one full day, blocked off, or 2-hour time chunks over the space of a week. Scheduling means you’ve committed to it, and it gives you time to plan your attack.”
  • Prep. Seems straightforward, but this can turn into a hurdle if you aren’t prepared! Sara suggests that you “gather supplies: check for broken vacuum pieces, low stock of cleaning products, etc. Then grab your favorite playlist and send the kiddos to the grandparents — you’ll need the focus!”
  • Attack. “Use our free checklist to help you stay on-task and so you can see your progress. Available for download at”
  • Motivate yourself. A few reminders of the reasons we spring clean, from Sara: “There’s a great energetic benefit to cleaning (have you seen the “Clean with Me” movement on YouTube?). Everything collects dust, too — it’s healthy to clean it out regularly. Cleaning is a great physical work out, but it can also clean out some mental cobwebs you might have. Along the way, you’ll do some natural organizing, which many of us need, and you might even find something you’ve been (or your kids have been) looking for! This is also an opportunity to see things in your home that might need further repair: broken blinds, snags or stains on carpets, curtains, floors, etc.:

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Sara is a professional organizer who wants you to “spend more time living your life, instead of struggling with your stuff.” Learn more about Moxie Space’s services here, and be sure to follow along on Instagram.