At Bake Austin Chef Pascal embraces the holidays with open arms. As a mom, she also understands that making the holidays feel special can sometimes feel overwhelming. Today she shared three easy holiday treats to make with your kids including a flat gingerbread house, a chocolate spoon for instant hot chocolate and Christmas tree cookie pops that make great table decor that’s delicious!

You can find the recipes for the items Chef Pascal shared online at

Besides baking thousands of German Christmas Cookies, Chef Pascal also offers baking classes for adults and children. 

Bake Austin offers several classes and has an upcoming gingerbread house class as well as a tiny Christmas camp collaboration coming up with Austin Tinkering School.

And if you are looking for another gift idea for your young chef, Bake Austin is offering a week of cooking good luck foods in the first week of January, when school is out and dinner needs to be served. Why not let your kids cook dinner for you?!