The holidays are here and it’s time to glam up your style. In this segment Jammie Baker walks us through a 6 piece holiday capsule wardrobe and dishes out pro-tips for glamming up the basics you already have in your closet.

Textures like velvet and sequin and prints like tartan are what holiday style is made of. When it comes to holiday style, more is MORE and if that’s your jam, this is your season to shine! 

If you’re looking for the how-to of putting this all together and the technique behind a full glam holiday makeup look, Jammie and her go-to beauty guru, Kara, have you covered with the 2022 Holiday Style Guide.

Jammie spent years as a Hollywood stylist, on sets for people like Kerry Washington, Bradley Cooper, The NBA – you name it. Her heart kept coming back to women like you and me. Modern women who need to know how to show up for themselves in every season – especially when it’s time to level up. 

So she ditched the red carpet lifestyle to create a virtual styling business designed to help women go from waiting to becoming. Because it’s not just about what you wear but about how it makes you feel. 

Through her signature programs, she teaches women that style holds power and women should feel empowered (not powerless) through it! 

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