The gift of self care might be the best gift you can give to someone you love. Laurel Belfiore with AUSTEX Wellness & Medical Spa is here to help you with some gift ideas for that special someone. 

Tell us about your business! 

We’re a family owned and operated medical spa in the Oaks at Lakeway. We specialize in medical Aesthetics, Massage Therapy, and Body Contouring. We just celebrated our 5th year in business!

How you’re helping folks gift to their loved ones this year! 

We all know that gifting an experience to a loved one is very appreciated. We also know there are a lot of gifts sitting on cargo ships right now, so don’t fret, we can be your gifting elves to help you find the perfect experience – massages and facials – or medical-grade skin care products for your family. All of our staff are product and service experts and we can develop the perfect gift for under your tree this year. Also, all gift cards get an extra $10 free added to the value in December!

Tell us how folks can take advantage of the Christmas packages you have! 

Come in and tell us a little about your loved one, and we will craft the perfect combination of services and products to make them giddy this holiday. We’re open all of December until 6 pm December 23, so plan ahead!

Tell us how folks can learn more. 

Call or text us at 512-524-9602 to learn more and schedule a free consult with our Nurse or Aestheticians or Go to to learn more. Now is the time to get started!

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