Whether you’re buying gifts or stocking up for entertaining, many of us are getting an early start on holiday shopping this year. Lifestyle Expert Amy Sewell is here with some ideas to help us get ready for the season.

“This is the week that most of us get serious about holiday shopping. If you’re looking for ideas for gifts and entertaining, I partnered with several companies to put together some ideas.”

“We all love our pets and there are so many tasty holiday treats for the dogs in your life. DreamBone is known for their rawhide-free, easy-to-digest chews and your dog can enjoy one every day of December with this adorable Advent Calendar! Your pet will feel right at home at the holiday dinner with these treats that are made with real chicken but are shaped like holiday hams!”

“SmartBones also has healthy alternatives to rawhide, like these holiday canes that are made with real chicken and wholesome vegetables. Both SmartBones and DreamBone also have these chews in cute holiday shapes like snowmen, gingerbread men, and Christmas trees. These are a delicious diversion that lets pets indulge their natural chewing instincts on nutritious chews instead of on your holiday decorations.”

“Good ‘n’ Fun also has a savory smorgasbord of flavors, like these Triple Flavor treats made with real beef hide, pork hide, and chicken. This Santa Variety Pack and Holiday Variety Jar include assortments like kabobs, twists, and chicken-flavored crunchy sticks. For even more fun, this Crunchy Ribs Plush Jar includes a Naughty or Nice squeaker — or you can count down the 12 Days of Christmas with their Holiday Calendar.”

“Not only will your furry best friends love these delicious, long-lasting chews but the packages look adorable in the holiday photos. It’s easy to find DreamBone and SmartBones on Amazon, and you can find these Good ‘n’ Fun gifts at Walmart.”

“Of course, we all want to look our best for holiday parties and photos. People are going for more glamourous looks with eye makeup this season, but if your eyes are red from late nights or a lack of sleep, no amount of mascara and eyeliner will cover that. The secret to reducing redness and helping eyes look brighter is LUMIFY® redness reliever eye drops from Bausch+ Lomb. Just one drop in each eye significantly reduces redness to help your eyes shine and look more beautiful, when used as directed. You can use LUMIFY drops even if you wear contacts. You just need to wait 10 minutes after applying them before inserting your lenses. These are easy to find in the eyecare aisle at retailers and they’re an affordable stocking stuffer for beauty lovers. You can find more information at LumifyDrops.com.

“To get more sleep any time of year, this Hatch Restore SmartSleep Assistant from Bed Bath & Beyond uses a combination of soothing sounds, smart light, and meditations to help you personalize your asleep/wake routine. Its sunrise alarm gently wakes you with light instead of sound and it’s easy to operate either through touch or an app. You can find this at BedBathAndBeyond.com.

“For a sweet gift to share with family and friends, this Seasonal Holiday Collection from eCreamery includes four pints of their hand-packed holiday ice cream in flavors like Peppermint Bliss, made with red velvet cake and creamy peppermint icing — and my personal favorite, Snickerdoodle Cookie. In addition to their holiday collections, eCreamery has packages that allow you to select your own flavors and create custom labels. The ice cream is packed and shipped in dry ice, so everything arrives in great condition. This collection is $59.99 plus shipping, and you can find more information at eCreamery.com.

“Finally, you can bring holiday cheer to everyone with Nothing Bundt Cakes and make it your one-stop shop for all your celebration needs! Their handcrafted delicious full-sized Bundt Cakes, individually wrapped Bundtlets and bite-sized Bundtinis are perfect for gifts or entertaining. Decorated cakes like this Pumpkin Spice Give Thanks cake make fabulous hostess gifts or double as festive centerpieces! Bundtinis with Fall Leaves or Ugly Sweatertoppers make cute place settings, and Bundtlet Towers in flavors like Red Velvet or Lemon make tasty stocking stuffers. You can order online or at one of their 400+ bakeries nationwide. You can find your local bakery and ordering information at NothingBundtCakes.com.

For more information, check out ShopWithStyle.com. Happy holidays!”

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