Sara Fritsch of Moxie Space Professional Organizing spoke with Studio 512 about getting your college freshman ready to move in to their dorm!

Here are her tips to get them packed:

  • “Get everything you want together…and divide it in half! Dorms always have less space than you think, and they’re likely going to be sharing with someone else. Avoid the huge jugs of laundry detergent at Costco…you’re going to want small items that fit.”
  • “Organize before you leave. Try not to just throw it all in boxes. Being away from home for the first time can be tough; if you need a memento to remind you of home, opt for a smaller item that still gives you the same feeling.”
  • “Look around the house for items that can help you! You might already have Command hooks, Sharpies, Ziploc bags, extension cords and more. These can make a big difference in the packing process!

Tips for unpacking:

  • “Use your vertical space. Behind doors, above beds, over desks…these are all great places to create personality and add more storage. They’re the most underutilized parts of the room.”
  • “Create mini stations. One area for working, one for cleaning, etc. Having everything you need for that activity in one space can help you stay organized.”
  • “Try ‘file folding’ your clothes for those dorm drawers. Instead of folding them like normal and stacking them on top of one another, lay the stack down so that you’re able to see all options from your bird’s-eye view.”
Sara’s example of “file-folded” t-shirts.

Sara is a professional organizer who wants you to “spend more time living your life, instead of struggling with your stuff.” Learn more about Moxie Space’s services here, and be sure to follow along on Instagram.