BOXT is available through a subscription service, with free shipping of its wines direct to doorsteps. A concierge is available to assist customers with selecting wines based on flavor profiles, and each box has a 100 percent happiness guarantee. Subscribers can pause, cancel, or change wine selections at any time. 

The company numbers its wines with an emphasis on flavor profiles like: 

  • One: Bright, crisp, and dry
  • Two: Rich, oaky, and golden
  • Three: Floral, fruity, and sweet
  • Four: Soft, vibrant, and dynamic
  • Five: Big, bold, and smooth
  • Six: Sweet, juicy, and velvety 

For every BOXT made, the company has committed to helping the environment by planting a tree through a partnership with the non-profit, One Tree Planted. BOXT is responsible for the planting of over 2,500 trees thus far. 

Did you know? Every 1.2 seconds man destroys an area of forest the size of a football field. One Tree Planted has committed to over 20,000,000 trees for 2021. Back in 2020, the organization planted 10,000,000 trees in more than 28 countries and 6 continents.

Turn Your Finished BOXT Into A Planter:

  1. Finish the wine!
  2. Tape up the Boxt to create cool lines
  3. Paint
  4. Let it dry
  5. Remove the paint
  6. Flip it over and fill it with dirt
  7. Pop in some seeds or blooming flowers from your local nursery
  8. Water it …and BOOM!  

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