Hundred For Hospitality helps those in the service industry who have been laid off by an Austin restaurant that’s been impacted by COVID-19. Over 2,000 service industry professionals in Austin have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19. These individuals are now without income for food and general necessities.

Now, as we face such unprecedented times as a community, it’s our responsibility to step up and feed our hospitality industry. Hundred For Hospitality’s mission is to serve 100 meals per day to hospitality workers who are temporarily jobless or in need of a meal. Local restaurants including P. Terry’s, Austin’s Pizza, Old Thousand, Peached Tortilla, Cilantro, MezzeMe, Burro Cheese Kitchen, and more have volunteered to feed 100 meals to our industry friends.

100% of your donations will help provide stipends for food, labor, and supplies to the restaurants in need who have agreed to step in and help out!

To donate go to And for more information, visit