Liz PArker of Emancipet joined us in the studio to tell us about their organization and shared details on how we can help with the Clear the Shelters campaign. Emancipet supports the Clear the Shelter initiative each year because the inability to afford veterinary care accounts for half of all pets surrendered to shelters when you exclude family and housing issues. When pet owners who made up to $50k yearly were asked what would have helped them keep their pet, 46% said free or low-cost vet care. Clearing out the shelter and making life-changing bonds between people and animals is just half the effort; the other half is making sure those bonds never have to be broken for reasons like a lack of affordable veterinary care. Of the more than 100 doctors, technicians, and other support staff at Emancipet, we can’t name a single one that does not have a pet, nor a single person that did not find or adopt that pet. Emancipet loves homeless pets and even homeless pet owners! Emancipet will always be a major contributor to the no-kill effort by making sure they are not surrendered to shelters as well as making sure that when they leave the shelter, their family can afford to keep their pet healthy and increase generally the amount of love in our community. Emancipet would like you to participate in this year’s nationwide adoption event, Clear the Shelters, taking place on Saturday, August 19th. To find a shelter near you, go to To learn more about Emancipet, visit them at one of their Austin locations or go to

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