Recently, tornadoes devastated our Central Texas neighbors. Now, our community is rallying to help those affected. The Central Texas Tornadoes Relief Fund has been established to provide long-term care and support to disaster survivors.

Daniel Geraci, executive director at Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN), joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to tell us more.

You’re raising $2.5 million for CTX disaster survivors — how will this money be used?

“We have 32 homeowners without insurance who need help rebuilding their homes, 49 renters who need help with relocation expenses, and 51 families who lost their primary vehicle and don’t have insurance to replace it.”

What kind of long-term support does ADRN offer to these people who’ve been impacted by the tornadoes?

“We help with emergency funds and supplies in the short term, and then offer to connect them with a trained ‘Disaster Relief Shepherd’ to walk with them long-term, connect them with resources, and give emotional and spiritual care until they’re back in a safe and clean home.”

What have you learned from this particular disaster that our viewers need to know?

“We’ve encountered a lot of people who had their property values go way up recently, but they didn’t contact their insurance company to increase their coverage. Now that a disaster has hit and they really need that insurance, they find they’re coming up short. We recommend that everyone make sure their insurance coverage matches the current value of their home so that if the worst happens, they have the resources they need.”

You can help Central Texans rebuild after the recent tornadoes by donating to the Central Texas Tornadoes Relief Fund. Just go to

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