There is no doubt that these are difficult times right now for everyone. And that includes real estate and other small businesses throughout Austin. As businesses are forced to close, they lose a lot of income. And then they can’t pay employees or their rent for their space. But there is potential relief out there for these businesses that are struggling.

First – interest rates are at an all-time low. It may be a great time to refinance your properties to provide some relief.

Second – when the federal government declared an emergency, that freed up a lot of low interest loans that are available to small businesses.

Third – with Texas shutting down restaurants and bars, and other businesses, you may have a business interruption insurance claim to recover some lost profits. Many business owners have this insurance coverage and we are happy to help review your policy for this coverage.

So while we will all share in the hardships during this pandemic, there are potential options out there to help small businesses. For more information go to or call (512) 614-0335.

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