Halloween is so much more than candy corns and costumes, especially for grownups looking to elevate the entertaining experience. And let’s admit it, fall is a hectic time, making it challenging to keep up with a healthy routine. That’s where food and lifestyle expert, Parker Wallace comes in. She’s joining us with some tools to help make a healthy routine nutritious and delicious…definitely no scaries here!  Hi Parker!

Hi! Thanks so much for having me back! Yeah, lose the ghosts and goblins and let’s talk good for you and great tasting!  Let’s start with one of my favorite juices– POM Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice. I love partnering with the wonderful company because every 16oz bottle contains the juice of 4 whole pressed pomegranates and nothing else, no added sugar, filler or preservatives. Just look at this deep ruby red color– it’s a little sweet, a little tart and you add antioxidants and a flavorful twist to  dishes and drinks like this dapper devil. Perfect for the adults this Halloween.

I just muddled some jalapeno and then you can add gin or vodka, whatever your poison of choice…..top it off with some seltzer and a little lime twist.

You can also get the antioxidant goodness of POM juice and a bright blend of gently brewed teas with POM antioxidant super teas….this is such a refreshing alternative to traditional ready to drink teas. You can mix it into cocktails like this spooky POM tea punch….or leave out the boos and the booze…lol, and serve it at a Halloween party for the kiddos. Look for all 5 refreshing flavors – my favorite is orange blossom white tea!

And for more recipe inspiration, head to pomwonderful.com.

Gotta have a little spicy and I promise it’s not scary! Herdez makes it so easy to connect with the real flavors of Mexico through their wide range of salsa and condiments with super bold and authentic flavors my must have– herdez chipotle salsa cremosa which flavors your dishes in a whole new way! Herdez chipotle salsa can be used as a go-to ingredient for enhancing your favorite recipes, or just pour it on top of your dishes for a flavor packed, creamy addition that takes it to next level delish. 

I just cut out a jack o’ lantern face to these stuffed orange peppers and stuffed with rice, beans, you can add beef or chicken if you like and then drizzle all over the your jack-o-pepper-lanterns! Sooo yummy! And you can find Herdez at Walmart, HEB or on line at mexgrocer.com.

It seems like fall schedules are busier than ever…any shortcuts to nutritious and delicious?

I’m super excited because Premier Protein has brought back their fan favorite pumpkin spice shake for a limited time only! And this year, they’ve pumped up the spice, making it easier than ever to take that first step on your health journey and keep that momentum going. 

And if pumpkin is your fave flavor, get ready cuz it tastes bolder than ever!

I’m a huge fan of these ready-to-drink shakes because you get 30 grams of protein, 160 calories and one gram of sugar in every serving!

The protein is going to help you feel fuller longer, plus you benefit from 24 vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants vitamins c and e, which support a healthy immune system as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

This is the perfect nutrition tool to have in your healthy routine tool kit.  I like to pair it with a piece of fruit. 

You can even fold the shake into some of your favorite seasonal recipes, like the current Tik Tok trend of ‘proffee’ which is just adding premier protein to your favorite coffee drink. It’s that easy and that delicious! Be sure to check out more recipe inspiration and where to purchase at premierprotein.com

Thanks, parker, great advice! Make sure you head to pomwonderful.com, mexgrocer.com, and premierprotein.com for recipe inspiration.

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