Gourdough’s 9 Most Instagrammable Donuts: Ranked

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Welcome to Gourdough’s -- Austin’s premier purveyor of Big. Fat. Donuts. From doughnut burgers to pulled pork to fried eggs, if you can fit it on a doughnut, chances are, they serve it at their brick and mortar location downtown. But, they’re most well-known for their sweet and savory donut concoctions from the airstream trailer where it all started. These are some sweets you’ll wanna show off-- and they taste just as good as they look. If your eyes are as big as your stomach, here are Gourdough’s top nine most Insta-worthy donuts:

#9 – Heavenly Hash

Marshmallow With Chocolate Fudge Icing Topped With Brownie Bites

This delicious donut can get a little messy, so its instagrammability varies donut to donut, and there’s a chance your fingers might be too sticky to post after you finish it!

#8 Baby Rattler

Fudge Icing & Fudge Oreos With A Gummy Rattlesnake

Add some color to your feed with this creepy crawly rainbow donut!

#7 Fat Elvis

Grilled Bananas & Bacon With Peanut Butter Icing & Honey

You can practically taste this one through the screen.

#8 Naughty & Nice

Sugar & Cinnamon

You can’t go wrong with the clean aesthetic of a simple sugar and cinnamon donut– the Naughty & Nice comes with a donut and some little donut holes to match!

#5 Flying Pig

Bacon With Maple Syrup Icing

A slightly more conservative version of it’s big cousin, Fat Elvis.

#4 – Miss Shortcake

Cream Cheese Icing With Fresh Cut Strawberries and Graham Crackers

If a donut could be the queen bee in a high school movie, this would be it.

#3 – Black Out

Brownie Batter, Fudge Icing & Chocolate Covered Brownie Bites

What could be bad about this chocolate overload? Like a brunch-egg-yolk-style video, but with brownie batter.

#2 – Granny’s Pie

Caramel, Pecans, Bananas & Graham Cracker

This banana explosion is the grandmama of Fat Elvis, Funky Monkey, and The Puddin.’ She is beauty, she is grace.

#1 – Mother Clucker

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▪️ Today’s our last day in Austin, TX and an hour before heading to the airport we were scootering around eating. Austin has these awesome electric scooters all over the city that you just pick up and zoom off on! Picture the @razor_scooters from your childhood, but electric. As we were zipping down the sidewalk, I hit a huge pothole and flew head first over the handlebars of the scooter and face planted on the sidewalk. We didn’t have time to stop and do anything, so we basically just grabbed our bags and headed to the airport. You wanna know what true love looks like? When we got to the airport Mike bought a dog leash and made it into a sling for my fucked up arm and then put my hair into a pony tail because I couldn’t lift my arm. And NOT EVEN ONCE did he make fun of me as a gimped through the airport with blood dripping down my knee, my hair in scrappy pony tail and a sling made with a dog leash that said “Texas Dog” all over it. #truelove ▪️The “Dirty Plucker” is a piping hot doughnut topped with hand battered fried chicken, honey butter and maple icing from @gourdoughspublichouse . . . . #austintexas #tx #southernfood #madisonfoodie #texas #texasfoodie #foodielife #eatthis #letseat #eatlocal #sconniefoodies #wiscofood #tastingtable #cheflife #whoshungry #comfortfoods #yougottaeatthis #fuckthatsdelicious #madison #mke #foodceleb #forkyeah #forkyeah #eeeeeats #devourpower #🍔 #austin

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Fried Chicken Strip With Honey Butter

This most popular donut is just begging to be photographed in portrait mode. Whataburger Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit WHO?!?!

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