Here’s some GOUDA news to feast on today! After being closed to walk-in customers since March 2020 (456 DAYS!), Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is set to reopen their doors on Thursday, June 24! That means the beloved Cheese Shop will be open for shopping (and sampling!) and their Cheese House will be open not only for our own events, but as an intimate venue for folks to book for their own private parties and tastings.

Kendall Antonelli joined Steph to celebrate the big news with a tasting of some of their newest additions and a few of their most popular items.

Items such as conservas (ie tinned fish) are new to the shop. Antonelli’s is now carrying sardines, tuna, octopus, mackerel, mussels and more. The Antonelli’s have wanted to carry conservas since they first opened so they’re excited about this new addition! Conservas as just “conserved” seafood specialties – either in tins or jars. Conservas are a specialty food in Spain and Portugal. Often, they can or preserve the day of or day after they catch the seafood to preserve its freshness. Kendall suggests you eat them straight out of the can – with crackers, on rice/polenta/pasta, mixed into salads, and more.

Steph and Kendall also sampled some delicious chocolate from 57 Chocolate. Antonelli’s has a variety of chocolates and are currently 1 of 7 stores in the US where you can get 57 Chocolate. The company is ran by two sisters who source the cocoa beans from Ghana.

They also shared some brandied pickles pears from Sheena’s Pickles. Sheena is a local “corporate hustler” who started making pickles on the side. She quit her job to pickle full time, but ran into hiccups and barriers to access and keep it up. The Antonelli’s partnered with Sheena last summer and now she’s making her pickles out of their Cheese House, capturing the season: whether it’s marinated pickled mushrooms, blueberries, peaches, pears, carrots, green beans, or good ole cucumbers.

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