Believe it or not, January is one of the busiest times of the year for wedding vendors, with so many engagements over the holidays! Jordan Flowers, owner and lead designer of Jordan Flowers & Events, spoke with Rosie and Steph about how bouquets really set the tone for a wedding, and what sort of options are out there. Check out Jordan’s blog post on popular bouquet types, or read her summary below:

  • Asymmetrical – “Asymmetrical (bouquets) are unique in design for several reasons; they do not require greenery but can have greenery; they can be designed to look like a natural fresh picked garden harvest or can be designed to look very full and organized with asymmetrical flower stem accents.”
  • Cascading – “What makes this bouquet slightly different than asymmetrical bouquets is that there is a back and front. The back of the arrangement faces the bride or groom holding them. There is an obvious difference and if held the wrong way will affect the bouquet’s presentation as the waterfall front is what makes this bouquet stand out most.”
  • Round – “This is one of the most traditional classic designs that is a safe bet if you want a timeless bouquet. Most all-round bouquets are designed where there is no front or back and you can hold it any way. They can have no greenery, greenery accents, or as we like to say a “greenery skirt” where greenery is all around hiding mechanics and stems. It is most popular in the winter months due to its formal design and always has the most premium full flowers used in it.”
  • Nosegay – “Nosegay bouquets date back to the 16th century and were popularized in recent years when Kate Middleton walked down the aisle with a very petite, delicate bouquet. They are lightweight and are able to be carried with one hand if desired.”

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