Looking for a new taste adventure with your vino? Danya Declusin, co-owner (along with husband Cory) of Cape Bottle Room, chatted with Studio 512 about what makes South African wines so special.

Check out this paragraph about the history of South African wines from Cape Bottle Room’s website:

“The South African wine industry has a long history dating back to 1659, when a supply station for the Dutch India Trading Company was established in Cape Town. The intention was to plant vineyards and produce grapes and wine for the ship’s crew to ward off scurvy. In 1685, Simon van der Stel became the Cape governor and expanded wine production, aiming for a higher quality, even bringing French winemakers to the region. As the wine industry evolved, there was an imbalance of supply and demand that triggered the South African government to form a co-operative known as KWV, a structure still in place today, regulating prices and setting policies.

“Up until 1990, Apartheid damaged the South African wine industry with most countries distancing themselves from the country for upholding horrific legislative policies of racial segregation. Since the abolishment of Apartheid, the wine region has experienced a tremendous renaissance, and the dissolution of the KWV relinquished the price fixing structure to create private business and elevate the quality to meet the competitive global market. The reconnection to the global wine industry also brought outside involvement into the wine making process which has reidentified South Africa as new fixture of the global wine market.”

Danya and Cory are passionate about bringing South African wine to America, and educating people on its unique (and tasty) characteristics.

Cape Bottle Room is located in East Austin, and it has two upcoming events:

  • Raclette Night with Antonelli’s, Thursday, February 16th. There are two options for Raclette Night: 5:30-7:00 p.m. and 7:30-9 p.m. Tickets are available online now.
  • Live music with Sisi Berry, Friday, February 17th at 9:00 p.m.

Learn more about hours, wines, food options and education at CapeBottleRoom.com.