It’s a question that many are asking. Where can I or a loved one go to get the COVID-19 vaccine? With more vaccines becoming available, the public will continue to search where they can go when eligible to be vaccinated. This morning we talked with Dr. Ken Adams, Chief Medical Officer at United Healthcare to give us some of the answers.

There are now three vaccines available but finding where to get it can be challenging. Tell us about this new COVID-19 Vaccine Resource Locator from United Healthcare.

There’s been a lot of confusion around who can get the vaccine, when and where. UnitedHealthcare recently launched a new COVID-19 resource locator tool that aggregates public vaccine information available through state and local health departments, as well as national retail pharmacies. Visit and simply enter a zip code to determine eligibility for vaccination, nearest locations where vaccines may be available, instructions for registering to receive alerts, and, in some places, tools for scheduling an appointment. The site is updated twice a day by dedicated staff – and you don’t have to be a United Healthcare member to use it.

Of the three vaccines, how do I know which vaccine is right for me?

COVID-19 vaccines are an important step in slowing the spread of the disease, and it will take time to make enough vaccines for everyone. All three of the COVID-19 vaccines were developed following the same scientific principles that have guided the development of other life-saving vaccines over the last 70 years. Each vaccine must first be approved by the Food & Drug Administration and supported by the medical community of which I belong. They have all been authorized for emergency use by the FDA. The current vaccines are extremely effective, meaning it lowers your chance of getting sick or dying of COVID by almost 95% for both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and 72% for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine – which is still more effective than the flu vaccine (40-60%). (Overall, Johnson& Johnson is 66% effective; 72% in the US.) We at UnitedHealthcare encourage you to learn more about the vaccine – do your homework; talk to your doctor about if it’s right for you. I got mine and encourage you to do the same when it’s your turn.

Q.What else do people need to know about becoming vaccinated?

UnitedHealthcare’s NEW online COVID-19 vaccine resource locator tool, is free to both members and the general public. Just go to to find the resource. Don’t forget about your other annual vaccinations – flu, MMR, Pneumococcal(Pneumonia), Shingles.

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