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Focusing on your nutrition is a big piece of staying healthy and feeling your best but if you aren’t getting good sleep, you will not be able to feel your best or eat your best. Puja Mistry Kapoor with H-E-B joined us this morning to talk about how your sleep cycle could be affecting your nutrition.

Lets talk about sticking to a routine bedtime and what makes that so important.

Our bodies do so well when we stay in a rhythm and part of that isn’t just waking up at a certain time of day but putting ourselves to bed at a good time. Try shooting for 7-8 hours every night.

Getting into a good rhythm with sleeping is important but you also say we should give our body time to digest before bed right?

Yes! Try to have no meals around 3 hours before you go to sleep. Your body is still digesting and processing all this food you just ate and you want to give it a good break. When you sleep you want to be resting and recovering and if you’re digesting food at night it’s not resting as much as it should. If you fall asleep quickly after eating you also could run into some reflux issues.

Sometimes right before you go to bed you feel a little hungry and might grab a snack but you say – what should we be eating.

If you’re having a little snack before bedtime you want to try to avoid a snack that’s high in fats or added sugars or salts. Try some crackers or a cup of milk – something easy that make you nice and full but isnt’ too hard on the digestion.

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