Here’s something many of us are struggling with right now- quarantine weight gain. What’s going on with us?

Why have we gained a few (or maybe even a quarantine-15) during this time? In this first of our four-part series called “Get Your Sexy Back”, we are going to tackle a subject many of us are struggling with at the moment: the quarantine-15 weight gain. Let’s talk first about WHY we are all gaining a few during this time. I have had so many patients come in and say, “I haven’t really changed how much I am eating, but I’m gaining weight anyway!” Well, the truth is, when you are quarantined at home, you DO consume more than usual simply because you are next to your refrigerator all day, plus… day drinking. Need proof? Alcohol sales…Plus, you are not as active as you would be in an office setting. Walking from the parking lot, walking down the hall to the break room- all those times add up and you expend so many more calories than you do at home. Also something we seem to overlook is that all are experiencing the stress of quarantine. Our psychologic response to our world being a bit upside down is that our bodies make more cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that makes you gain weight, especially visceral abdominal fat. You are also likely “emotional eating”, even if this typically isn’t a problem for you. These are evolutionarily built-in responses to prepare for the energy required for “fight or flight.” Everyone is experiencing these things to some degree right now.

Ok, so now that we know what the problem is, how can you help us get back on track?

Well, shiny new fad diets will be a let-down and will just contribute to your stress, so just don’t go there. You need a solid plan, and that’s where we really help guide you. So, how do we do it? Part or all of a 3-part plan for muscle-building, fat-blasting, and body sculpting.First, we may need to do a hormone check. Studies reveal that most adults have significantly lower essential hormone levels by age 40 that are critical to weight maintenance- keeping lean muscle mass intact and keeping fat deposits at bay. Some of these hormones are estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid hormone, and the master hormone somatotropin, also known as growth hormone, Having lower levels of these hormones contributes to diminished libido, waning energy, decreased lean muscle and increased body fat, weakened bones and osteoporosis, reduction in skin tone and elasticity, memory lapses, cardiovascular concerns, sleeplessness, irritability and mood swings, etc. Next, we may start you on a customized MediBolic Fat Loss Plan. This includes intermittent fasting, healthy and balanced eating, hormone balancing, and supplements of the peptides GHRP and HCG to help keep and even build muscle on during your weight loss. Third, Emsculpt. This is the muscle-building miracle I’ve shown you previously. It uses high frequency electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle to perform supramaximal contractions- like 20 thousand crunches in just 30 minutes. When we get this much muscle activity going, it burns a lot of calories and increases the lipolysis- the breakdown of the fat adjacent to the muscles. The result is trimming of the subcutaneous fat AND the visceral intraabdominal fat, and increasing muscle tone, strength, and sculpting. We incorporate this into a “Medical Gym Membership” where you come in for monthly sessions to have a weigh-in, get an EMbody weight management IV drip. check up on your general well-being, and do an EMSculpt session. to keep that muscle-building going. When all 3 of these are employed together, we see really dramatic improvements in weight loss and simultaneous impressive muscle gains. You are not only losing weight, but getting more fit and toned simultaneously.

Any other advice you could give to help “Get Our Sexy Back” even during these still uncertain times?

You know, feeling sexy IS, after all, all about how you FEEL. You’ve got to get your mind right, especially during uncertain times. One of the most pervasive beliefs I’ve heard—from hundreds of women—is, “Once I lose weight, then I will be so much happier.” It seems logical, right? Lose weight. Feel better. Be happier. No brainer! Except it really doesn’t work that way. Because being a smaller size does not guarantee that you’re going to be happy. It just means you’re going to be… you. Wrapped in a slightly different package. If you approach this process with excitement and anticipation, you will have the best outcome. If you are fortunate enough to be alive right now, to have a body of ANY size, to have the ability to be able to watch this awesome program today, and to live your best life today… CELEBRATE that fact.! Now- let’s set the foundation together with a plan, then do the work. Don’t’ worry- we’ll get there together!

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