After 2020, it’s not just the kids who are probably nervous about heading back to school. In a bunch of unknowns, there are plenty of ways to make this semester as normal as possible for your kids. This morning founder of Bump Club and Beyond and parenting and lifestyle expert, Lindsay Pinchuk, joined us with some essentials for getting your school year started right.

Mabels Labels – Make sure everything that goes to school has a label on it—-that way when it gets lost whoever finds it knows exactly who to return it to. I personally LOVE Mabels Labels and use them for both school and summer camp. With a million different designs and sizes, they are easy to use, dishwasher and washing machine safe and honestly they last forever.

Flatbox Lunch – This two in one lunch bag/placement is machine washable lunch bag that easily unzips into a placemat providing a clean & safe eating surface anywhere helping to protect your kids from germs, bacteria, viruses and food allergens.

HydroFlask 32 oz Wide Straw Lid Water Bottle – As a mom I not only love these for keeping water cold for almost 24 hours, BUT they are dishwasher safe AND have a lifetime warranty. Honestly, these two points alone make this product a MUST in my house. With tons of colors to chose from, any kid would love it.

Crayola Kids Face Mask – As all of our kids under age 12 are not eligible for the vaccine, it is imperative that we continue to keep them safe. A layer of this is masking up—-we as parents need to wear masks when indoors in public and our kids will need to mask up in school. These masks from Crayolw have over 5,000 5 star ratings, making them one of the BEST masks for your school aged kids…hands down.

Twelve Little Adventure Backpack – I can say from personal experience that this backpack goes the distance…my child used hers in school, all last year and then at camp all summer….and it still looks like new. With three awesome prints to choose from, this is definitely a backpack I would invest in time and time again.

Cozi App – With after school activities picking up again, managing my family’s schedule feels like a full time job. Cozi is the leading shared family calendar and lists app. It makes sure you don’t schedule family vacation over the championship game and keeps you from buying milk twice. Best part…it’s free 🙂

Bark App – So many of our kids spent so much time on technology last year, making them more tech savvy than ever. I love Bark as it helps me keep tabs on what my kids are doing online AND keeps them safe. For a busy parent this app is a lifesaver. Bark’s affordable, award-winning dashboard proactively monitors text messages, YouTube, emails, and 30+ different social networks for potential safety concerns, so busy parents can save time and gain peace of mind.

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