If 2020 wasn’t your year for love (and don’t worry, it was a tough one), we have someone who can help! Professional Matchmaker Julia McCurley, CEO of Something More spent time with Studio 512 to talk about expected dating trends for 2021 and how the matchmaking process works.

Here are some of the dating trends that Julia expects to see:

  • The “Hey and Pray” — Coined by Julia, this is where someone will do a benign introductory message greeting, possibly to a bunch of different people, and just wait to see if someone replies back. This is a numbers approach, and isn’t an indicator of someone who is actually trying to invest in conversation.
  • “Soft Ghosting” — Could ghosting get any worse? Turns out it can: this is a trend where someone will react to a message you’ve sent (a thumbs up, or “haha,” etc.) but does not actually reply to you. This one is tough, because it feels like mixed signals. They saw your message, they’re reacting, but again, they’re not investing in actually spending time to get to know you.
  • “Turbo Dating” — Julia expects to see a lot of this in the new year! This is where two people who might not have had much ability to get out and date in the past year get together and fast-track their relationship. According to Julia, when they’re both in a good place, this can be an awesome thing, and she’s currently got a lot of happy couples!

Julia is Austin’s only Certified Matchmaker. She’s been in Austin for decades, and started her company in 2009. She takes the guesswork out of dating, and she puts a lot of time and research into matching people based on many factors, including attachment styles, love languages, temperament and more.

If you’re looking for some free advice, be sure to check out her published book of blogs, “Game Set Match.” If you’re ready to have a consultation with her about finding the love of your life, check out SomethingMore.com, or call (512) 810-8803.