We’re in week 3 of “how get our sexy back”. So far we’ve talked about body sculpting and cellulite removal and today we are talking about EMSELLA. This morning Dr. Alina Sholar with Skin Science Soul. explained what EMSELLA is and what it can do for you.

So Dr. Sholar, tell us all about EMSELLA and how it can help folks get their sexy back.

We live here in Austin- a vibrant and active city, and we like to stay that way well after babies and middle age, but incontinence- like peezing (sneeze-peeing), or leaking when you laugh, or all these little things no one wants to talk about that can get in the way of an active lifestyle. Wearing a pad is an unacceptable situation many women find themselves in and they do NOT feel very sexy. Usually their family doctor would tell them about Kegels, but even with the most diligent patient, they are most often not done properly. Incontinence has been traditionally treated with medication or surgery, but there is a much better option. The EMSELLA, which stimulates the muscles of the pelvic floor. For the first time, we can treat women completely noninvasively by just sitting on the EMSELLA chair, reading a magazine fully clothed, in just a 28 minute treatment session 11,200k supramaximal contractions (Super Kegels) are performed and the patient leaves with tremendous relief of both stress incontinence and urge incontinence. We even see improvements for patients with overactive bladder. As you can imagine, there is a tremendous quality of life improvement.

It sounds too good to be true!

Yes! We have already treated patients in our clinic and we are seeing great results! The EMSELLA consistently achieves a 90% satisfaction rating from patients. And our experience is corroborated by the clinical research done on EMSELLA as well. So we have women that were afraid of leaving the house without a pad and spare panties, or women that would have to change their PJs in the middle of the night, now have an incredible freedom that they would have never had if it weren’t for EMSELLA. And it gets even better… a true paradigm shift in intimate wellness. Emsella has a new protocol for increasing sensitivity and blood flow to enhance sexual function as well. Right after each of the 6 sessions, the patient can return to work or play that same day. So everyone is really excited about this technology!

How does EMSELLA compare to other procedures out there?

The EMSELLA is the first and only procedure that directly targets pelvic floor muscles. All other procedures such as intravaginal electrostimulation have a risk of burns and only minimal and superficial effectiveness, not even mentioning the need to insert the disposable vaginal probe. Comparing to Kegels, patients are just not able to properly contract pelvic floor muscles and do them at least 3x per day in hundreds of repetitions to see any sort of results.
Even better, we can pair EMSELLA with EMSCULPT so we get an all-in abdominal Core to pelvic Floor- a CORE To FLOOR- rejuvenation and muscle strengthening outcome without any invasiveness at all. And the best thing… most patients are done in 3 weeks- not 3 months. 3 weeks.

Skin Science Soul is beauty, with substance! To learn how you can get your sexy back schedule your complimentary consultation today by going to SkinScienceSoul.com.

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