Ceci Guevara is the Fashion Show Producer for the Trash Makeover Challenge, Texas Campaign for the Environment’s annual fundraiser in the form of a unique fashion show where teams create garments out of 90% recycled materials. She joined Studio 512 to talk more about the initiative.

What is TCE, and who do they serve?

Texas Campaign for the Environment or TCE is a 31-year-old grassroots group that most people know through our door-to-door organizing work in Central Texas. TCE was a driving force behind Austin’s Zero Waste efforts that brought recycling to apartments and condos and composting to residents in single-family homes. We also were part of a bigger effort to get Dell and other electronics companies to take back and recycle their products. Now TCE is working to reduce the impacts of climate change by working to shift our country away from fossil fuels and towards clean renewable energy and less reliance on petrochemicals that are often dangerous for our health.”

Tell us about the premise behind the Trash Makeover Challenge.

“Trash Makeover Challenge began as a celebration of TCE’s 20th anniversary in 2011. The event was so exciting and the garments made by professional and amateur designers were so creative that we decided we had to make it an annual event. We did that even through the pandemic when it became 100% virtual. This year for the first time ever that it’s live and being live-streamed. It’s ‘pay what you can’ for the live stream, even if you can’t pay anything. Tickets are $75. People can sign up for tickets and the livestream at TrashMakeover.com.  “

FEATURING: Live, interactive performance by SaulPaul
Honorees – Travis County Commissioner Brigid Shea & Environmental Attorney Marisa Perales
Emcee – Sarah K. Smith, Mrs. Houston Earth 2022

How else can we support TCE throughout the year?

“People can keep up with TCE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the website TexasEnvironment.org. People can support TCE on our website and also when we knock on your door asking for support and for folks to write letters to key decision-makers on the issues.”