Parents may be looking to get the latest tech to make sure their kids are prepared for back-to-school.

Albert Lawrence, Tech Expert and Influencer, joined Rosie to talk about the latest trends.

What’s most popular with apps right now?

Free is always a plus. Adobe Express gives tons of templates and ideas to help you get started on projects, and for teachers K-12, they offer free services.

What are some new innovations for parents to consider?

Storypod offers screen-free engagement to get your kids off the screen time and help them be successful in school. Storypod can help kids of any age succeed.

What are some time-saving ideas?

DoorDash recently launched their first-ever back to school hub, helping parents save time and money with 30% off.

What do you suggest when it comes to a study space?

You need good lighting, so the Cync Dynamic Effects Neon-Shape Smart Light from GE Lighting Cync can help illuminate your kid’s study space in a fun and low-cost energy way. You can bend and shape them to make your space unique. They can sync to music as well, using the Cync app.

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