Greg Thomas, co-owner of Barton Springs Nursery, joined Studio 512 to talk about how spring has impacted plants…and what to expect as the temperatures rise. Check out Greg’s points below:

Spring weather has been ideal for plants!

  • We are so happy to see spring holding on this year. We had an early start in February, and here we are in late May, with no end in sight. 
  • The rain, clouds and temperatures have all been ideal for getting new plants established and allowing all of the plants a lot of time to grow.

Plants are thriving, and this also means the pests are thriving, good and bad.

  • Most critters, bugs, and animals are a healthy and necessary part of your garden.
  • The moment a plant looks a little off, we can inspect it here at the nursery and figure out what is happening. We inspect stems, leaves, and soil, for any signs of intrusion.
  • Generally, we can quickly identify the cause. This time of year, pests are the usual suspect.
  • There are always natural methods and products to target unwanted insects while leaving everything else alone. 
  • We are here every day and would love to help answer any questions or determine any issues you are battling in the garden.
  • We have a microscope at the genus bar and a wealth of knowledge on staff, plus everything you would need to get rid of these pests!

Summer is coming.

  • As summer temperatures arrive your plants will need more support from you. Here are some tips & things to remember: 
  1. Watering and getting on a good schedule that suits your situation: increase watering as we dry out and it gets hotter.
  2. There are some ways to ease the long hot summer days for your plants: shade cloth, mulch, and compost.
  3. Prep your garden for summer. You want to prune and leave seeds for next season, including lots of material for the beneficial critters to live in.

There is a lot of new at Barton Springs Nursery! “We are working on opening our new Garden Supplies/Educational Center, the first of its kind, as well as a new succulent house, a huge new Tropical and House Plants Greenhouse, and more.”

Even if you never intend to flex your green thumb, Greg says that the nursery is still worth a visit. “Something to note: the nursery is not just about buying plants, but that it’s a wonderful outing and great family-friendly activity. We have ponds with fish and turtles, birds, and beautiful oak trees that provide shade, free coffee, and a little book store in the gift shop. Make sure you meet Fig (the sulcata tortoise) and Fern (the feisty nursery cat) before you go.”

Learn more about everything the nursery has to offer online, and plan your trip to the grounds.