Andy Amendola, creator of “Red Racer” books, visited with Studio 512 on the heels of Formula 1 weekend, 2022. He says, “I’ve made a new children’s book series all about Formula 1 racing. As F1 popularity is exploding in the US, I launched the first Formula 1 book for kids made for the 2022 season. 

“I created Red Racer books because, as an F1 fan and a parent, there were very few books available for kids about racing. I have three books currently out that are gorgeously illustrated and feature cars inspired by the 2022 season, actual race tracks and racing situations around the world, to engage both kids and parents.  

“What makes them different is that they feature diverse characters, both male and female to ensure all kids feel represented, and have a focus on STEM as the technology and science behind racing is a great way to inspire young ones! 

Andy’s Red Racer series characters.

“The race in Austin at COTA last year was my first F1 race and it was a huge inspiration for me. That’s why I’m coming back and also featured the track in one of my illustrations!”

You can learn more and buy online – including a coupon “COTA” for $5 off – at