EarthShare Texas is a nonprofit federation that supports your favorite local environmental and conservation charities across the Lone Star State. Here to tell us more about an upcoming celebration and giving campaign is Executive Director, Francoise Van Keuren.

Tell our viewers a little about EarthShare Texas and what you do.

“EarthShare Texas is a nonprofit federation raising unrestricted funds and awareness for more than 30 local and statewide environmental nonprofits. These nonprofits focus on impact areas such as water resources, land conservation, wildlife rescue and rehab, and environmental education.
At EarthShare Texas, we like to talk about the collective impact of our nonprofit network.. Our members have collectively engaged over 60,000 volunteers, conducted 170,000 hours of outdoor programming, and educated over 22,000 Texas children about water conservation.
These participants and volunteers have collected over 2 million pounds of trash, planted over 400,000 native trees and plants, and made possible the protection of over 19,000 acres of land collectively.”

Why is it so important to support the work of environmental and conservation nonprofits in Texas?

“We invest in our members because we believe that strong environmental programs result in a healthier Texas community.
In fact, we have a saying at EarthShare Texas – “for future’s sake.” For future’s sake is a simplified version of our mission. We do what we do, and we believe other Texans should care, too, for future generations, and for the future of Texas.
We have a responsibility to protect and cherish the natural systems and resources on which we rely.
Our nonprofit members are on the frontlines of climate resilience and conservation in our communities , and across our state doing the work that will ensure a healthy and prosperous Texas environment for all.”

How can folks be a part of this collective impact?

“We have lots of ways to get involved!
The best way to stay updated with ESTX and our members is by signing up for our newsletter. The newsletter includes opportunities to get involved with our nonprofits, keep up with the latest environmental and conservation news in Texas, and enjoy fun educational resources and activities for the whole community.”
You can sign up for their newsletter at

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