Matt Frederick, Food & Beverage Director with Chicken Salad Shoppe, chatted with Studio 512 about their holiday offering: huge, half-pound cookies!

He says, “Chicken Salad Shoppe is treating everyone’s sweet tooth during the holidays with ‘The Sixer.’ The Sixer consists of six ½ pound stuffed cookies of assorted flavors delivered with holiday lights in a clear acrylic box. Chicken Salad Shoppe also has party platters available feeding anywhere from 5-15 people that make the perfect addition to festive celebrations.”

Pre-order The Sixer and party platters by emailing

About Chicken Salad Shoppe:

“One Saturday afternoon, Molly was inspired to create a unique flavor of chicken salad. She made the sandwich for her husband, Ivan and didn’t think much of it. However, after his first bite, Ivan knew this was no ordinary sandwich. ‘What is this?!’ he exclaimed, frantically taking another bite. Ivan was floored and confidently exclaimed (loudly but muffled with food still in his mouth) that it was the best sandwich he ever had. Crazy thing is, before trying Molly’s creation, Ivan didn’t even like chicken salad! Over the next year, Ivan and Molly tried dozens and dozens and dozens of different flavor variations and painstakingly analyzed every single ingredient in an attempt to create the perfect chicken salad. From hard-to-find, custom jams to the world’s most magnificent mayonnaise to passionate discussions about the perfect size of chicken, Molly left nothing to interpretation. After a full year of research and development, Molly had created not one, but several unique and amazing chicken salad flavors.”

Chicken Salad Shoppe offers “flavoristic chicken salad,” as well as upscale sides and house-made drinks. Stop by for lunch at their location inside the Furniture Mall of Texas. Learn more about Chicken Salad Shoppe on their website.