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Laurel Belfiore, the owner and founder of AUSTEX Wellness and Medical Spa, joined Studio 512 Host Rosie Newberry to follow up on the success of their new DAXXIFY treatment.

It’s now been four months since you started treating patients for DAXXIFY, how are people liking it?

“Yes, we were hand-picked by the Revance brand to launch DAXXIFY during their PrevU launch in December, as one of only seven practices in Austin to carry DAXXIFY. We’ve been so happy with our patient’s DAXXIFY results. We’ve treated more than 350 patients and they have had great results. We’re treating the same areas you would with Botox or Dysport, but it’s kicking in within 2-4 days. It’s the only FDA-approved wrinkle reducer approved for 6-9 months.”

Who is a good candidate for DAXXIFY?

“Everyone who wants to get rid of those pesky lines. We’ve had about 82% conversion of our existing patients from Botox / Dysport over to DAXXIFY. Mostly, they are shocked at how quickly it kicks in. The difference with DAXXIFY is that there is a peptide that hugs the neuromodulator, which helps it kick in much faster (2-4 days) and acts as an extended release to last 6-9 months.”

“We weren’t too surprised that our long-time patients would switch over, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the number of spouses we’ve treated. They’re calling us, amazed at their wives’ results, and coming in for treatment because they maybe don’t love needles, or don’t want to come in every three months. So we’ve treated a surprising number of men!”

There are about 10 practices in Austin carrying DAXXIFY, why should folks trek out to Lakeway for treatment with y’all?

“Because of our amazing partnership with Revance, we were one of a handful of practices in Austin to launch DAXXIFY in December. That speaks to our Nurse Practitioner Lisa’s expertise, practicing for nearly 20 years in aesthetics.”

“We’ve been so successful with DAXXIFY, Revance actually flew Lisa and me to their corporate headquarters where we were featured as an Elite Practice Partner. We were honored to support the training of the next round of DAXXIFY providers. We love this product, are so happy with our patient’s results, and would love to meet others who want to get rid of those pesky lines. Treat now and be wrinkle-free until Fall!”

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