Kara Sánchez joined Steph and Rosie to talk about the launch of her first product, Luxe Brow Lift.

What is Luxe Brown Lift?

LUXE BROW LIFT is a completely clear pomade with incredible hold once it dries. It doesn’t flake. It lifts even the toughest hairs. It dries clear without a shine making it perfect for you on no-makeup days, full glam or for guys that want to be in control of their overachieving brow hairs.

So anyone can use it?

Absolutely, since it’s completely transparent, it’s perfect for every complexion and every hair color!

Luxe Brow Lift ships free anywhere in the US but can people also come into your shop and buy it?

Definitely, we are open Monday-Friday 10-5 and we’ve also added new custom made Halloween and brow t-shirts, sweatshirts, as well as baby Pilea plants, and a curated collection of things I love including these limited edition earrings that we partnered with another local artist, LUTUM CRAFT to design in our KSB brand colors.

What are the current brow trends you’re seeing?

I’m still seeing full, more natural brows… even fuller than before since most of us had a solid year of what I like to call ‘covid growout’ where we weren’t all getting our regular tweezing and waxing appointments.

For more information or to order Luxe Brow Lift you can go to KaraSanchez.com