Britany Shimansky of Britsbarre is kicking off a month long “No Equipment Series” and she joined Steph to
share some tips and a code for Studio 512 viewers to get the month for free!

The “No Equipment Summer Series” kicks off on Memorial Day, and Studio512 viewers can join for the month for free with code STUDIO512 at

Brit shared 3 equipment free moves today that also have modifications for pregnancy and post-partum. Watch the segment above to see how to do these moves at home.

  1. Superman with heels together
  2. Tabletop turned out leg extension with oblique crunch
  3. Single leg glute bridge to abdominal crunch

Don’t forget, Brit is offering her month long “No Equipment Summer Series” for free to Studio 512 viewers. The series kicks off on Memorial Day. Just use code STUDIO512 at