Spring is the time we want to clean things out, spruce things up, and take on a project or two. They say good things come in small packages, so it doesn’t have to be massive overhaul to be fun and feel accomplished. Allison Mack of Austin Mom’s Blog stopped in with some fun spring DIY’s we can do at home and with the kids.   Her first project was shaping soap into a donut design. This involves putting a thin layer of sprinkles into a silicon donut mold, and adding some glycerin with pink food coloring to it. Once it fully dries you can add some fragrance oils to make it smell more like a donut.  Her next project involved making homemade bug repellent, that is deet free  She said to mix coconut and shea butter. Then add some lemon grass, and eucalyptus oil to make it smell really good, and repel insects.  Last Allison showed off how to make ice cream by combining heavy whipping cream, and two table spoons of sugar.  As well as vanilla into a mason jar. Then shake it up, and freeze it for a tasty treat.

For more information go to http://austin.citymomsblog.com/