Steph has finally hopped on the TikTok train with Rosie and she’s learning a lot of new things! She recently saw a trend where an old dress was turned into a top using the pattern of your best fitting bodysuit.

She had a dress she wanted to try this with and it worked great! It took her less than 5 minutes to do and if you want to get fancy you can also add snaps to the bottom of your new top (like a bodysuit) but you can easily get away with not doing that too!

Supplies Needed:

A dress that you no longer love as a dress

Scissors (sewing scissors are best but Steph used regular scissors and it worked just fine!)

A sharpie marker if you want to draw out the pattern prior to cutting (Steph skipped this step)

A bodysuit that fits you well in length

Easy attach snaps (optional)


Lay the dress out and put the bodysuit on top of the dress making sure to match the shoulders so you can cut to the length and shape of the bodysuit

Unsnap the bodysuit and use scissors to cut the bottom portion of the dress using the bodysuit as your pattern (see segment above for visual)

Add snaps if you want, or just tuck in the bottom and pair with your favorite jeans, skirt, yoga pants or sweats!