What a treat for Studio 512: local artist and educator Becca Borrelli sat down with Rosie for a drawing tutorial for National Coloring Book Day! Becca chose a bat to honor Austin’s Mexican Free-tailed bat population, which is the largest urban colony in the world. Follow along with her steps:

STEP 1: Start with a v, where you’d like your bat to be flying (curvy or straight, your lines will be just fine!)

STEP 2: Make a smaller v that sits inside — and touches the end points — of your original v. This is the body of your bat.

STEP 3: On either side of the bat, make 2 diagonal lines that gently slope upwards. These are the tops of the bat’s wings.

STEP 4: Just like the hem of a superhero cape, make curved lines to attach the top of the bat’s wing back to its body. (Similar to the motion that you’d do for the tops of clouds!)

STEP 5: Feel free to make another bat on the page, larger or smaller than the first for contrast.

STEP 6: Becca loves flat-bottomed clouds. Draw a straight line from left to right for the base of your cloud.

STEP 7: Becca does a variety of small and large curves for a natural, puffy cloud shape.

STEP 8: To show the bat approaching, make two curved lines from the bat’s wings that approach the same point in the distance. Feel free to put a sun on the page! Put a half-circle in the clouds with some straight lines coming out for a pop of bright sunshine.

ANOTHER APPROACH TO STEP 8: To show the bat leaving, use similar curved lines, but have them spreading out, underneath the bat’s wings.

SIMPLE HEALTH: As an elementary school art teacher, Becca noticed that kids would become centered and calm once they started getting creative. She a encourages everyone of all ages to explore art, even just for a little bit, each day.

Becca is offering 20% off her coloring books for National Coloring Book Day! Learn more about her work — and order books right now — on her website.